We Are Hosting A New Event Series

Virtual Healing PlayTime

In this period of great transition, We are called to be a bridge.  

We thus, hereby officially and whimsically invite you to 

join Psychodelicate and our egregore as we 

immanentize the eschaton!

Welcome to the New Age!  As we cross the Abyss, to practice our Self healing, we must dance, sing, connect, laugh, and share our gifts.  The intention of this event is to create an opportunity for these playful practices.

  1. Saturday Oct 3rd 11am-2pm – Aquarian Family Day 
  2. Tuesday Oct 6th 3pm-6pm РAlayha’s Birthday Experiment
  3. Friday Oct 9th 6pm-9pm – The Main Event

All accessible via One Zoom link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89797847312 

The facebook event link has lots of great information about all of the performers and presenters.